About this blog

My purpose for this blog is to provide a forum for any one from a first-time industrial or commercial RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) user interested in finding information about RFID to experienced users looking to share ideas or address specific subjects out there. Anyone is welcome to join the conversations happening.

It seems many companies want you to use their RFID products, including Balluff of course, but what is behind the application hype and pretty brochures is not always so easy to see. With the use of open discussion, my intention is to inform based on my experiences and provide a means for any users, Balluff users especially and the market in general to feedback about whats on their minds.

I always want feedback from readers of what they think could be done to address their needs better, so feel free to always give suggestions.

Thank you and good reading!


One Response

  1. Very interesting concept of educating people on RFID. We have applications with active and non active RFID and would like to talk more on applications and what your company has to offer. We are a manufacture of antennas, opperating systems “OS” We hold many patents which are listed on our web site.
    Thank you in advance for a great blog..

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